What started out as a simple blog for author, Tea Jay, turned into a community for writers by writers across the globe. Welcome to the new Hello Tea Jay.

This website is a collection of Tea Jay and her friend’s works, advice, and upcoming events and releases. In Campfire Stories you will find two sections; stories/poems that are IRL (nonfiction) and MAKE SHIT UP (fiction). In Writer’s Corner you will find advice from different writers who write on a wide spectrum of hobbyist to career writers. Finally, there is a whole category dedicated to book reviews and reading lists. This is a fantastic resource for both writers and readers! Get to know up and coming authors, indie writers, and discover more of the underground world of writing.

To have your writing featured please visit the Contact section of this site and write Tea Jay your pitch! She will get back to you within a few days about potentially featuring you on the site.

Hello Tea Jay is the brand of Tea Jay, a 25-year-old mother, wife, and advocate. She works as an artist in her own Esty shop (also called Hello Tea Jay) where she sells tarot and yarn art and of course, as a professional writer. Tea Jay is best known for her article, “When You’re In The Gray Area Of Being Suicidal” which has since been published as a company bestselling book. She is also a  frequent blogger for Stigma Fighters, Schizophrenic.NYC, and The Mighty and has been featured on sites such as Upworthy and Teen Vogue.