lost + found

A nonfiction poem by Sharilynn Morse

I miss you,

But not in the way you might think.

I miss your laugh and how freely you used it.

I miss your courage and how unafraid you were of the world.

I miss your shoulder because I hadn’t memorized its skin yet.

I miss your body because it was beautiful and undamaged.

I miss the calmness your grey-blue eyes held and the love that sparkled in them.

It wasn’t your fault you fell victim to him,

He was a skilled hunter and you were in his cross hairs.

I miss you,

But not in the way you might think because you made me stronger.

Grey-blue eyes finally sparkle with calmness and love again.

A contagious laugh used freely and loudly for loved ones to hear.

A body that’s damaged but beautiful regardless because it’s mine.

I miss you,

But I’m better off without you.

About The Author: Sharilynn is a total badass made up of pure sass and sarcasm. She does all the things from art to writing to being the best aunt ever to crazy cat lazy. She loves to road trip, her favorite places so far are California and Florida. 


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