shattered souls

A poem by Alex Merrill

Your soul is yellow, and profound.


Like, sailing your hands over a summer bonfire.

I imagine your laughter behind the scene.

Delicate, freeing.

Face to face we gaze,

Your eyes are no longer crammed with love

I notice.

Am I to blame?

Have I robbed you of your joy?

I weep..

My knees bruise the floor,

“Forgive me, please!”

For- I no longer possess your love.

I refuse to live a day

Where our souls are apart.


We will always be connected.

We have traveled light years together.

You are me,

As I am you..

Alex Merrill is an artist, poet, song writer, and painter. She enjoys writing about matters that are found difficult to speak about, subjects such as depression, addiction, and loneliness. She is a proud cat mom, (to her baby Eugene,) and currently traveling as she is active duty in the military. 

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