like father like daughter

A poem by Alex Merrill


My teacher challenged us to describe our childhood’s in one word.


Hauling around a constant suitcase,

Full of anguish and uncertainty.

“Am I not enough?”

I suffered from heart break before I knew what heart break was.

Before I was a teenager.

Before I could experience my first love.

I wonder where you are.

I dreamt you had a wife, and two new kids.

A cabin in the valley- secluded.

You like to be alone, don’t you?

Do you fear the judgments of those around you?

I do.

We are the same.


Running away when life gets tough.

Vanishing from those we love.

Is that why you left me?

I need you,

And you need me more than you know.

Where are you now, Dad?

Where did you go?

I am just like you.

You’re the only one who would understand..

Alex Merrill is an artist, poet, song writer, and painter. She enjoys writing about matters that are found difficult to speak about, subjects such as depression, addiction, and loneliness. She is a proud cat mom, (to her baby Eugene,) and currently traveling as she is active duty in the military. 

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