the answer to your question

A nonfiction poem by Bane

i never got to understand

what’s that in you

that makes us the sun and the moon,

you always said that i deserve better

how i should find somebody better

then, i would come and fall

right into your arms

and tell you that i love you,

it seems that you cannot see

all the things that i see in you,

you would always ask me to tell you

why do i love you

and honestly, i was left speechless too

i did not know the answer to your question,

i would think of all the reasons

but the only answer is you

and to all of the questions

the answers are you,

these words written here are you,

this poem is you

and i guess this love is you, too

About the writer: Bane is a Serbian poet who loves to fill up their spare time reading classics by Brontë and modern works of poetry by Rupi Kaur and more. Bane is heavily influenced by nature, finding inspiration in life’s little moments and the world around them. You can buy Bane’s poetry books here.

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