you were my first love (guest post)

A nonfiction poem by Bane

yes, i know i have told you

that when i saw you for the first time

i was catapulted to pluto,

crushing every stars’ core

and orbiting around the moon seven times

before coming back to you

every cell in my brain

fell apart when i left earth

everything went quiet

well, everything

besides my heart

but that was not love at first sight

love was me,

picking up moon rocks and star dust

from every corner of the galaxy,

i even robbed the sun’s energy

so that he could be jealous

of all the things i did for you,

going from the past to the future

i visited things i have once said goodbye to

and things i have been saving for you

in that wardrobe at the end of the black hole

so when you asked me if you were love at first sight,

no, you were not

you were my first love.

About the writer: Bane is a Serbian poet who loves to fill up their spare time reading classics by Brontë and modern works of poetry by Rupi Kaur and more. Bane is heavily influenced by nature, finding inspiration in life's little moments and the world around them. You can buy Bane's debut poetry book here. 

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